Wine ad banned in Australia. Find out why.

Wine ad banned in Australia. Find out why.

The first ad campaign for Premier Estates Wine based in Australia got noticed all right but also got banned.

What is the connection between  ‘the Australian bush’ , the woman’s “intimate area” and wine? Really.

The actress says in the ad as a wine glass is placed suggestively in front of her: “Australia practically jumps out of the glass – in fact, some say you can almost taste the bush.”

According to various sources, the winemaker intended to make people laugh and to bring them to try their wines. To have invested a little more to validate the concept (with a reliable methodology) would have probably avoided this advertising awkwardness that will, at the end , cost more with engaged costs in public relations and to do another ad campaign to ultimately reach the desired objectives: to make people laugh and to try  Premier Estates Wine wines. How will they fix the perception that now have 50% of the Australian population (11 million women) ?


A little more than a month after the launch, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the ad.

Article when the ad was launched


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