The symbiosis of wine and marketing sciences between Trampoline MArketing and R&J Oenology

The symbiosis of wine and marketing sciences between Trampoline MArketing and R&J Oenology
partnership between Trampoline Marketing and R&J Oenology

Finally we have achieved the symbiosis of wine science and marketing as a result of the partnership between R&J Oenology (OenoQuébec) and Trampoline Marketing now there to better serve producers and processors of wines, ciders, meads and spirits.

R&J Oenology (OenoQuébec) has reached an exclusive agreement with Trampoline Marketing consulting company to broaden their offerings to alcoholic beverage producers and processors in Quebec.
Trampoline Marketing has a team 100% dedicated to the food and beverage industry. It provides additional expertise so that producers and processors of alcoholic beverages in Quebec have all the tools necessary to control all aspects of their products, from planting the fruit to marketing their final product.
This partnership is the result of four years of field observations by R&J Oenology (OenoQuébec) and Trampoline Marketing where they have observed the fermented alcohol industry explode in Quebec as well as in the rest of Canada . As a result, local competition is intensifying. Last year, there were 134 producers of artisanal wines in Quebec (an increase of 34% since 2012) and 34 distillers (an increase of 142% since 2012). In this context, it is imperative for producers and processors to be better equipped when entering the market.

“We are delighted that Trampoline Marketing brings value-added expertise to our customers by providing complementary services related to the marketing planning of their products, a service strengthened by their expertise in market research and their strong ethical position.” said Richard Bastien and Jérémie of Hauteville, co-presidents of R&J Oenology (OenoQuébec).

The Synergy of wine science and marketing

Companies targeting Quebec or other parts of Canada and/or the United States will be able to avail themselves of services which include development or fine tuning of their Business Plan, Marketing plans for monopolies or retail, product testing, brand image design, packaging design, advice on the selection of agents or distributors as well as support in obtaining governmental grants.

“With the team of R&J Oenology (OenoQuébec), we have developed packages specific to their clientele. Our goal has always been to create a high-quality service offering for customers, leading to increased visibility both at the provincial and national levels,” affirmed Caroline Le Blanc, President of Trampoline Marketing.

Through this partnership, Quebec’s alcoholic beverage producers and processors will benefit from high-caliber oenological and marketing advice at all stages of the product market process to ensure the success of their project in their targeted markets.

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