Since 2002, Trampoline Marketing, a market research firm, has been dedicated to strategic marketing.


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Our Core Expertise

In an uncompromising economic context where competition is global, we form leading strategies that are proactive solutions based on our various services:

Our Passion Division

Our passion is food. This is why we offer entirely dedicated marketing services to Food and Beverage companies.

Market Intelligence Need Assesment (MI)

Do you have a formal MI process that enables you to be or stay in front of the parade?


Diagnostic Summary

Need data and recommendation for your new idea to take a Go-No Go decision?


Market Study

Want to expand in a new area? Want to define and understand a potential market?


Study of Customer Satisfaction

Is customer satisfaction a priority for your organization? How and when you measure it will define the quality of your insights.


Sales Analysis

Can you link your sales data with all the market information you have? Do you feel overwhelmed by every sales report your company provides?


Competitive Intelligence

How do you closely monitor the competition? Do you go beyond sales data?


Product Study

Want to optimize your time and fees in R&D?


Strategic Marketing consultancy and Support

Your company doesn’t have a complete marketing department? No one in your team is specialized in market research?


food & beverage marketing

Market Intelligence, Marketing Strategies, Packaging & other services for your company.

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