Laiterie Chalifoux

Laiterie Chalifoux


In a context of CETA and TPP being in discussions, the well established family business from Sorel partners with an European dairy company to import its recipes for new products such as “Fresh Cheese” , an underdeveloped sub-category in Canada and desert cremes. Before launching the products, it needed to study the canadian market in order to understand the threats and opportunities that will influence major decisions for Laiterie Chalifoux.

Our Solutions

We conducted an extensive documentary research throughout Canada that was bonified by interviews with retailers. The information we gathered allowed to eliminate products and floavors that would move to the following phase: quantitative taste tests.

In a second phase, we organized taste tests among hundreds of Canadian dairy consumers. Also, we validated the understanding of “Fresh cheese” as it may have been confused with “queso fresco” or other “soft cheese” found in main Canadian grocery stores.  It was mandatory to ensure that there would be no confusion about the nature of the product when introducing this new line.


The new player in the yogurt category launched flavors, and formats that were bases on our research findings. The fat content (%) was slightly reduced compared to its original recipe.

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April 6, 2016