Zest Food Beverage Marketing Unit

Zest Food Beverage Marketing Unit

Trampoline Marketing has just launched new marketing services specifically for the Food and Beverage industry with our dedicated  ZEST team ! As you know Zest is an ingredient that has the potential to enhance all food and beverages and working with our ZEST team will ameans adding punch to your food beverage marketing strategies, to be proactive and ahead of your competition.

For 15 years, Trampoline Marketing has been a leader in market research (market studies, focus groups, consumer taste tests…)  and over the years has developed an expertise and passion in the sectors of Food and Beverages. This is why today  Trampolie Marketing is revealing with great enthusism its new unit entirely dedicated to these sectors. We now offer new services directly tied to marketing food products for companies established in Canada and or the United-States.

Our services include: strategic planning, packaging design, sales and distribution strategies, support in product tastings, merchandising, grant applications, strategic partnerships, and entrepreneurial support. Our team dedicated all its energy this summer to perfecting a complete portfolio of services.

Now, get ready to meet our ZEST team 100% dedicated to Food and Beverage Marketing :

François: acute to our clients needs. Fine strategist to help you identify key strengths and solutions to put forward to overcome your challenges and attain your objectives.

Caroline: her extensive knowledge in sales, distribution and merchandising  will save you time and increase your efficiency in marketing strategies.

Nadia: her attention to detail and her awareness of meanings contained within messages, symbols and colours will add “Zest” to your packaging.

Charles: his successful experience in entrepreneurship and business development benefits SMEs  that are looking to take the next step in growing their business.

Allison: masters business plans for 7 years. She has the passion and expertise to guide future and young entrepreneurs to structure their business plan for success. Zest Trampoline Marketing Aliment & boisson division marketing

This new Trampoline Marketing team will accompany you  to take your Food Beverage brands to the next level.

When you entrust a project to our team of marketing experts, it is sure to add a touch of ZEST.  Whether it is a little, or a lot you can be certain that this contribution will offer unequaled flavour to your business.

Présidente-directrice de projets marketing