Granby Tanks : from Tanks to HEAT

Granby Tanks : from Tanks to HEAT

The mandate

The company, a dominating player in oil tanks manufacturing in Canada, cared to maintain its market shares despite a declining oil heating industry. Nonetheless, the company had developed a more secured oil tank. Before producing it and bringing it to market, Granby Tanks wanted to make sure it perfectly answered the Canadian and American markets’ needs.

OUR solution ?

A step-by-step market study.

The documentary research permitted to identify heating trends (offer, demand, legislation, other indicators…), thus the states and provinces that showed a better potential in using oil heating were mapped.

In addition to the documentary research findings, agents and distributors (in each area) were probed on the market’s needs and to identify their eventual needs in Trade Marketing for this product.

To finish, oil tank installers in different provinces and states were probed on the product’s features (with technical sheet and drawings).

Results !

PRODUCT IMPROVEMENT: Installers provided a great feedback which permitted to adjust two features of the new oil tank to enhance its ‘safe’ positioning: alarm and the handles.

EXPORT-DISTRIBUTION: Prioritize states to introduce the product and identify agents-distributors to contact.

BRAND NAME: Due to a decline in using oil as a heating source, the company changed its name to eventually permit the company to diversify its product offering no longer limited to oil tanks (from Granby Tanks to Granby Industries).

March 4, 2015