• Roma Foods

    Roma Foods

    The mandate The well-established company wanted to preserve the freshness of its sausages in the best presentable way possible....

  • Norsk Titanium

    Norsk Titanium

    MANDATE The company was considering to refresh or completely review its brand image.Being part of a group of companies...

  • Granby Tanks : from Tanks to HEAT

    Granby Tanks : from Tanks to HEAT

    The mandate The company, a dominating player in oil tanks manufacturing in Canada, cared to maintain its market shares...

  • Bombardier : SW48

    Bombardier : SW48

    Mandate Identify the US states that would show the greatest export potential for this snow removal vehicule. OUR SOLUTION...

  • Literie Laurier

    Literie Laurier

    The mandate The company wanted to expand it sales via the U.S.A. To do so,  its sales tools and...

  • Lieberman Tranchemontagne

    Lieberman Tranchemontagne

    The mandate This well-established company needed to review its marketing approach with their growing business that is also more...

  • Laiterie Chagnon

    Laiterie Chagnon

    The mandate To relaunch an ice cream brand.   OUR solution We conducted an in-store intercept survey to establish...