What was the OBJECTIVE ? 

Our client had identified a wine blend and concept to refresh the Italian wine category. Three brand names and images were developed each with their advantages and limits (say for brand extension). Which one would have the best attractiveness on shelves? That’s where we come in.


We conducted a web survey among red wine consumers (with other selection criteria) that allowed to identify the best name and concept out of the 3 developed using a store shelf simulator.


 The Velluto concept was identified as the best one of the 3. The survey’s results provided profile of potential buyers and U&A insights. Comments given by respondents guided the adjustments to be done on the chosen image and improved its desired positioning.

So, VELLUTO made its entry (general listing) at the SAQ in summer 2013, and at the LCBO the following summer.


Before the validation


Bouteille Velluto

Velluto – before


After validation among italian red wine consumers


Velluto - lancement Qc


Velluto when launched


July 31, 2014